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Scope of Activities

The services offered by the companies that belong to the Kéri Pharma cover all major areas of the sale of medicines.


Representation of products and companies

Full scale representation of foreign partner companies and their products in Hungary, including market research, proposals for product portfolio development, product launches


Portfolio of own branded products

Extension of our portfolio of own branded products, purchase of licenses


Registration, market access

Regulatory approval and market launch for medicines, including the procedures for their registration and inclusion in reimbursement


Marketing and promotion

Full range of marketing and sales promotion services aimed at physicians and pharmacists, calls by medical representatives to physicians and pharmacies in the whole country, organisation of meetings for the medical profession and participation in congresses, organisation of public promotional campaigns


Wholesale distribution

A comprehensive wholesale distribution and logistics service based on our wholesale distribution authorisation, including all organisational and management tasks related to imports, storage at our warehouse in Csongrád, flexible inventory management, quality assurance and transportation management



Pharmacovigilance offered as a service to our partners.